Saving Bee and Monarch Populations - Ep7 Jillian Jordan #bees #monarchs @Jillisin

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Saving Bee and Monarch Populations - Ep7 Jillian Jordan

This is episode number 7 of The Jason Croft Show where we show you how to build a movement around something you’re passionate about.

Welcome to episode number seven.  If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out my last two episodes with Ken Koo.  He filled us in on Bridge Alliance, which is what he’s created to tackle the incredibly large and complex need (and profitable opportunities) of merging large corporations and innovative startups.

For the show today, we’ve got something a little different.  This interview was done at The Grove in Dallas, TX during Startup Week in Dallas this year.  I had the great fortune to interview Jillian Jordan in front of a live audience at that beautiful co-working space.

Jillian has launched The Great Seed Bomb.  Her goal is to build a nationwide movement around the massive importance of bees and other pollinating insects.  But this isn’t some “pass out flyers and let’s chat about it” education session.  Jillian is all about action.  Find out how The Great Seed Bomb is empowering large numbers of people to effect major change.

This is great so far.  I’ve broken this wonderful interview into two parts for you in case you need to jump back into life.  But if you’re ready for more with Jillian right away, including the Q and A we did with the audience at the end, jump into episode 8 right now.  I’ll see you over there.

Starting a Movement for Your Cause - Ep8 - Jillian Jordan #causemarketing @Jillisin

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Starting a Movement for Your Cause - Ep8 - Jillian Jordan

This is episode number 8 of The Jason Croft Show and part 2 of our interview with Jillian Jordan.

If you haven’t checked out part 1 yet of our interview with Jillian, do that now.  Otherwise, let’s get back to the Dallas co-working space The Grove, with its commitment to social impact, and talking to Jillian Jordan about The Great Seed Bomb.

I’m really impressed with Jillian’s resolve to make this project happen.  Make sure you connect with her and jump in to be a part of The Great Seed Bomb.

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Next up on the show is Julian Placino.  We talk about the secrets we’ve found to get hired and to hire the right people.  That’s in Episode 9.  I’ll see you there.

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