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My story & what it means for you
My background is a winding road that's led me through many industries and allowed me to build an amazing network of people - all so that I could serve you better.
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About This About Page

First, I’m not going to write this out in the third person as though someone from my massive team of web developers and media advisors put it together.  Nope.  I built this site and what you’ll read here is from yours truly.
Second, I want to give you a sense of who I am, but even on this page, I want to address how it relates to you.
 From traveling around the world shooting video for high-end corporate clients to producing movies, my career has been a consistent blend of business and creativity.  Even now, as I help businesses like yours develop top notch systems for becoming more efficient with my company, CROFTMEDIA, I usually end up creating new marketing initiatives and even sales verticals they never knew they were capable of.
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Startup Dallas Jason Croft

I produced and hosted 83 episodes of Startup Dallas, where I interview CEOs and Founders of startups, as well as people with incredible insights in marketing and sales who teach startups how to be better at business.  You can check out the video show and audio podcast at startupdallas.co.

"Jason via his podcast has shed a much needed light on the Dallas startup community. His professional yet easy going style lends itself very well to Dallas. Video quality and his set are also top notch. Look forward to seeing this show become a must watch for anyone interested in the Dallas startup scene."
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Raj Daniels Founder OpenTime

"Jason Croft and Startup Dallas just get it. As the Dallas startup scene continues to grow at an incredible place, the stories of entrepreneurs can often get lost. That's where Startup Dallas fits in perfectly. Since being interviewed, I've run across multiple people in the metroplex that now 'recognize my chest hair anywhere' because of Startup Dallas. They are a dream to work with and are doing some great things in showcasing all the amazing things the Dallas startup community has to offer. "

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Bryan DeLuca Co-Founder/CEO/Beard Grower Foot Cardigan

This is not business as usual.  We grab top CEOs, startup founders, even sales and marketing rock stars - throw them in a moving vehicle, and force them to give us their most valuable tactics and business insights.  So sit back, buckle up, and hang on for The Jason Croft Show!