Jason Croft

Expert coaches and consultants are in a constant battle to break out of the sea of sameness online. They see their peers getting more attention but they struggle to create effective content, feel overwhelmed by it, or simply don't know where to start. When they work with me, we generate a Power Content System that inevitably causes them to stand out as a leader in their field and get noticed by their ideal clients.How?Their Power Content Machine gets built with precision steps customized at each level based on my client's unique expertise, who their ideal clients are, and how quickly they want results.

Media Leads

You have the expertise. We have the strategy.
Coaches and Consultants like you come to us to create leadership-level content that attracts your ideal clients.

Strategy + Action

Great coaches and consultants have the ability to change people's lives and transform entire organizations.This show is here to highlight their expertise and empower them with resources and new ideas to grow their business.Welcome ... to Strategy + Action


Any successful relationship starts with finding your center - the truth at the core of who you are. Only then can you develop the ability to truly connect with someone else.Concentric is about aligning with people who share a common center.This show gives you the tools and the skills to do just that through practical training and real-life stories and examples.

The Jason Croft Show

The Jason Croft Show - Driving business forward. With The Jason Croft Show, I take the same approach of in-depth interviewing of my guests that I've become known for and add a twist of fun - setting each episode in a moving vehicle and finding out what really drives them.


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