Episode 17 – Jeremy Vest | Vidpow

Ep17 Jeremy Vest

With over a billion views generated for his clients, Jeremy Vest, Founder and CEO of Vidpow, knows video marketing inside and out.

He jumps in the BizMobile with us and shares exactly what you need to be doing with video, whether you have a small business hoping to get found online, a large corporation, or you're someone wanting to build a following on YouTube.

We talk about what makes video so hard for our clients and how to help them get in the right mindset to overcome those challenges.

And check out Jeremy's upcoming event:

Video Marketing World
Conference October 25 2017 Dallas Texas
If your brand is making videos, make sure you're creating effective videos that people want to watch and engage with. We are bringing six of the world's top video marketing, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and sales experts to Dallas for our first annual conference.

Jeremy Vest - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyvest/

Vidpow - https://vidpow.com/

Video Marketing World - http://videomarketing.world/

Twitter - @vidpowbam

Instagram - @vidpowbam


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