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This is episode number 1 of The Jason Croft Show where we give you the first steps to launching a business, the importance of accountability, and what you should be doing instead of eating lunch.

I wanted to start this show off strong by bringing you exactly what you need when you’re launching a new business, from the mindset you must be in to how to grow and scale. To help me with this, I picked up Raj Daniels in the biz-mobile. Raj is someone who is not only running his own venture, but is one of the most connected people around in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of VCs, startup founders, and educational systems. He was gracious enough to spend some time with us and share some incredibly useful tactics.

My first sponsor for this new endeavor is The Grove - a new kind of social space in Dallas, TX. Way beyond co-working, when you sign up at The Grove, you’re joining a community with strong values, a commitment to social impact, and a history of making good things happen in our cities. Justin Nygren leads this community and has made it his mission to not only provide all the necessary office elements that you come to expect from a well-designed co-working space, but also the guidance and support to help your socially responsible company thrive. Check them out and schedule a tour at grovedallas.com. I recently shot some interviews in this great space and you’ll see those here in future episodes. Alright, let’s get rolling!
Alright, I’m loving this episode and Raj has even more value to give. But as I mentioned in my introductory episode, I want to respect your time and keep these episodes short so that they’re the perfect commuter listens and easy-to-view videos. But if you’re ready for more Raj right away, jump into episode 2 now. I’ll see you over there.




Wasn’t that a blast? I love this format and I love how much value Raj brought to this interview. What do you think?

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Next up on the show is Michael Sitarzewski - he has taken over Launch DFW, the online hub of the entire Dallas startup community and he’s growing it like crazy. We also talk about how his startup is helping companies grow by going offline and why being too early can be a bad thing in business. That’s in Episode 3. Jump over now and check it out.

Show notes:
Raj Daniels

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajdaniels/

OpenTime - https://opentimeapp.com/

AJ Amyx - http://ajamyx.com/

Michael Sitarzewski

Hooked by Nir Eyal


Influence by Robert Cialdini

Hear Raj on Ep.1 of Startup Dallas - https://youtu.be/g2rzcoJ4PCA

Startup Dallas


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