Episode 20 – Joshua Wethington | Broken Peanut Media

Using Video Marketing for Business | How to Grow Your Business With Video

Every platform is favoring video content right now.  Besides the obvious YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all of them are rewarding the use of video. Joshua Wethington is on the show today to help us navigate the waters on how to optimize for these platforms and get the most out of your video marketing strategy. […]

Episode 19 – Dylan Rafaty | DylanListed

Ep19 Dylan Rafaty

Dylan Rafaty is on the show today and I can’t think of a more impressive example of living, breathing tenacity than Dylan. He’s constantly challenging himself to learn more, do more, and position himself to help as many people as possible. Amongst numerous advisory and management roles in multiple organizations and state government, he runs […]

Episode 18 – Kirk Ballou | Touch Titans – Crypto Time

What is The Future of Cryptocurrency

Kirk Ballou is back on the show today.  He is the CEO and Chief Architect of Touch Titans, a premier app agency working with some of the biggest brands in the world. We jump in Kirk’s Tesla and let the car do the driving while Kirk gives us a great lesson in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and […]

Episode 17 – Jeremy Vest | Vidpow

Ep17 Jeremy Vest

With over a billion views generated for his clients, Jeremy Vest, Founder and CEO of Vidpow, knows video marketing inside and out. He jumps in the BizMobile with us and shares exactly what you need to be doing with video, whether you have a small business hoping to get found online, a large corporation, or […]

Episode 16 – Kirk Ballou | Touch Titans

dallas app agency touch titans kirk ballou

Kirk Ballou is on the show today.  He is the CEO and Chief Architect of Touch Titans, a premiere app agency working with some of the biggest brands in the world. We jump in Kirk’s Tesla and let the car do the driving while Kirk tells us how he built his agency, what he looks […]

Episode 15 – Matthew Pollard | Rapid Growth Speaker & Coach

Ep15 Matthew Pollard Better Business

Matthew Pollard is the Rapid Growth Guy! With five multi-million-dollar business success stories to his name, and a prestigious Young Achiever Award, Matthew has been characterized as a true differentiation, niche marketing, and sales systemization powerhouse. – International Best Sales Blogger Awards Hall of Fame 2015- Host of iTunes Top Rated Podcast Better Business Coach- […]

Episode 14 – Steve Deitz | 900lbs of Creative

steve deitz virtual reality 900lbs of creative

We have Steve Deitz in the BizMobile! You know what to do… Brands have got to start embracing virtual reality, augmented reality, and even more in-person, cutting-edge experiences to help their customers and prospects experience something no one else is giving them. Steve Deitz and his team at 900lbs of Creative are helping brands do […]

Episode 13 – Frank Provenzano | FANSeye Sports

nhl sports app

We have Frank Provenzano on the show today! Think you’re an expert? Prove it!Cut through the noise to join THE best NHL hockey conversation. And hockey is just the beginning. This takes fan engagement to a whole other level. I had the chance to talk to Frank in the BizMobile and find out how he’s […]

Episode 12 – Keith Thode | AdvanceNet Labs

Ep12 Keith Thode

Today on the show, we learn what it takes to bring the corporate sector together with those in need, through cutting-edge technology. I wanted to bring you this interview that I shot at last year’s Dallas Startup Week with the great Keith Thode.  He’s using his skills and his company, AdvanceNet Labs to make a […]

Episode 11 – Andy Anderson | The Man Who Changed My Life

Ep11 Andy Anderson 1

What do highly effective leaders actually DO? Today is something different.  I’ll teach you how to change someone’s life, by telling you about someone who changed mine. Welcome to The Jason Croft Show.  For those familiar with the show, you know that we normally have a great business person with me in the BizMobile as […]

Episode 10 – Erin Smith | The Starters Club & Entrepreneur Summit

Ep10 Erin Smith

Today we learn about both the pain and the stress of putting on a live event.  And why it’s worth every bit of it. Welcome to episode 10 of The Jason Croft Show.  Erin Smith is on the show today.  She is an entrepreneurial force of nature.  Erin’s a Business Strategist, a Speaker, a Best Selling Author, and […]

Episode 9 – Julian Placino | Pathways to Success

Ep9 Julian Placino

Today on the show we learn best practices on hiring at your startup, how to get hired, and what it takes to get started with a show like this one. Welcome back to The Jason Croft Show.  Heck, welcome back to me!  Those of you close to me know that there’s been a bit of […]

Episodes 7 & 8 – Jillian Jordan | The Great Seed Bomb


This is episode number 7 of The Jason Croft Show where we show you how to build a movement around something you’re passionate about. Welcome to episode number seven.  If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out my last two episodes with Ken Koo.  He filled us in on Bridge Alliance, which […]

Episodes 5 & 6 – Ken Koo | Bridge Alliance


This is episode number 5 of The Jason Croft Show where we answer the question, “How do we bring nimble, innovative startups and large profitable corporations together so that they both become better?” Welcome to episode number five.  If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out my last two episodes with Michael Sitarzewski […]

Episodes 3 & 4 – Michael Sitarzewski | Inbound Geo & Launch DFW


This is episode number 3 of The Jason Croft Show where we discuss the power of going offline to stand out in your business and how to build a media machine. Welcome to episode number three. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out my first and second episodes with Raj Daniels. […]

Episodes 1 & 2 – Raj Daniels | OpenTime

Ep1and2JasonCroftShow_site image

This is episode number 1 of The Jason Croft Show where we give you the first steps to launching a business, the importance of accountability, and what you should be doing instead of eating lunch. I wanted to start this show off strong by bringing you exactly what you need when you’re launching a new […]

Intro Episode to The Jason Croft Show


Hi everyone.  Jason Croft here.  Thanks so much for diving into the show.  I’m excited to share some really great business strategies with you in these episodes.  I’ve started this latest show because I’m on a mission to find new ways for you to connect in order to grow your business.  That means insights on […]