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This is episode number 3 of The Jason Croft Show where we discuss the power of going offline to stand out in your business and how to build a media machine.

Welcome to episode number three. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out my first and second episodes with Raj Daniels. He shows you exactly what your first steps should be no matter what kind of business you’re looking to launch. We also talked about the importance of having a coach, what Raj’s super power is, and what he does while the rest of the world is eating lunch and sleeping.

For the show today, I want to teach you what it takes to build a media company. As we all know, whether you’re building a personal brand or running a global company, making sure that you stand out requires that you also become a media company as well. Whether you’re simply posting in social media or developing a full video campaign like I do with my clients, you better be putting systems in place to facilitate this. So I grabbed today’s guest, Michael Sitarzewski, put him in the business-mobile, and asked him to share what he’s doing to build out a major media site for the Dallas/Ft. Worth startup world. And that’s just a piece of what we ended up talking about.

My sponsor for today’s show is The Grove - a new kind of social space in Dallas, TX. Way beyond co-working, when you sign up at The Grove, you’re joining a community with strong values, a commitment to social impact, and a history of making good things happen in our cities. Justin Nygren leads this community and has made it his mission to not only provide all the necessary office elements that you come to expect from a well-designed co-working space, but also the guidance and support to help your socially responsible company thrive. Check them out and schedule a tour at grovedallas.com. I recently shot some interviews in this great space and you’ll see those here in future episodes. Alright, let’s get rolling!

This is great so far. But as I mentioned in my introductory episode, I want to respect your time and keep these episodes short so that they’re the perfect commuter listens and easy-to-view videos. But if you’re ready for more with Michael right away, jump into episode 4 now. I’ll see you over there.




This is episode number 4 of The Jason Croft Show and part 2 of our interview with Michael Sitarzewski.

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Next up on the show is Ken Koo. He is working to bridge the chasm between smart, talented startups and big established companies, by developing a marketplace that supports them both. That’s in Episode 5. Jump over now and check it out.

Show notes:

Michael Sitarzewski on Social and beyond - http://www.friendmichael.com/

InboundGeo - https://www.inboundgeo.com/

Michael's new adventure - http://epicmini.life/


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