Episode 12 – Keith Thode | AdvanceNet Labs

Ep12 Keith Thode
Today on the show, we learn what it takes to bring the corporate sector together with those in need, through cutting-edge technology.
I wanted to bring you this interview that I shot at last year’s Dallas Startup Week with the great Keith Thode.  He’s using his skills and his company, AdvanceNet Labs to make a massive impact on the lives of people in need.  He’s got an incredible story of how he got started down this path and where he’s taking it.
Make sure you check out where Keith is taking AdvanceNet Labs by going to http://www.advancenetlabs.org/.   I’ll have links in the show notes at TheJasonCroft.com/podcast.
Keith Thode - LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/krthode/


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