How to Use Video to Fill Your B2B Sales Funnel

10 Ways to Fill your B2B Sales Funnel

Video is a powerful way to set your self apart from the other people in your industry.  I've outlined 10 creative approaches to getting in front of your ideal prospects.

1. Cold email with a twist.  

Take your process of emailing people at companies you really want to work with to another level and produce a simple, customized video to send to them.  This can be done as quickly and easily as firing up your webcam and recording your screen using a semi-decent microphone.  Or it can be a bit more produced with a better camera and set up in a nice area of your offices.  But this certainly shouldn’t be overly produced.  Think “nice and polished” and not “creepy web chat”.  But you certainly don’t need to put in the resources you would for a full scale company overview video. 

And there are a couple of ways to think about these:

  1. Customized for each prospect - though this could get a little time consuming and feel daunting, you can knock out tons of these in a single day and the results can be the difference in getting a call back or not.
  2. Generic for all prospects - done the right way, this style can still be a differentiator and separate you from the hundreds cold calls and cold emails your prospect is already receiving.  The more people from your company whom you include in this video, the more it feels like “the team” really wants to work with the company your going after.

2. Customized thank-you and follow-up videos.  

You can do these anywhere along the sales cycle - following up after presenting a proposal, presenting some “Frequently Asked Questions”, thanking them for buying from you, and even up-selling them on a sales page you send them to after they buy.

3. Video sales page.  

An extremely powerful way marketers are using videos these days is sending the use of a landing page you drive prospects to with a video that specifically speaks to them in terms of what you want them to know about the benefits of your product or service.  Especially when you have a very targeted customer you’re looking to attract, this is a great way to communicate a custom message just to them.  You get them to view this and possibly take action before ever sending them to your main site.  This is really helpful when your company offers multiple products and services across several industries.  Using a video sales page keeps those targeted customers from getting lost in a sea of offerings that may not even apply to them.

4. FAQ videos.

Creating a list of 10 videos based on frequently asked questions your company regularly receives.  Besides being helpful to your customers and potential customers, these can make fantastic “How to” style videos to put on YouTube, potentially getting found by even more people who need your services. 

And done the right way, creating a series based on these can be a powerful platform for SEO. 

5. SAQ videos.

The “next level” of your FAQ videos is a series around questions your customers and prospects should be asking but don’t even know it.  These are “next level” because usually the rest of your industry isn’t even addressing these topics and your prospects will be amazed at the level of education you’re offering them in this series.

6. Post weekly responses and updates in video form to the LinkedIn Group you belong to.

Having a hard time standing out in the twelve industry LinkedIn and Facebook Groups you belong to?  Posting video posts and responses to others in the group will get you noticed, and recognized as an authority on your topic very quickly, especially as you do this with some consistently.

7. Tradeshow marketing.  

With your list of who’s attending, send the most promising leads a customized video wanting to set a meeting with them while at the event or driving them to your booth.  This has a two-fold benefit:

  1. A higher chance of getting a meeting and
  2. Whether they respond to your email and video or not, this will create a “celebrity” effect when they do see on the exhibit floor.  Make sure that even if they didn’t respond, you seek them out during the show and follow up.

8. Customer testimonials/Customer success stories.

These are absolute gold.  You should certainly have videos of your customers giving testimonials about you and your company.  These should be all over your site but you can also reserve a few for sending exclusively to folks who are somewhere in your sales pipeline.  It’s a great way to follow up with them once you’ve sent them a proposal and you’re waiting on an answer from them.  “Here are a few folks like you who have been thrilled with our service” is way better than “Just checkin’ in”.

If you’re having a hard time getting your customers on camera giving you a testimonial, another great way to still convey that you’ve done great work with a certain customer is through customer success stories.  This is mush more “our customer is awesome” in its approach where you and your team get on camera and talk about what great success your customer is having and how you’ve helped them.  Besides being great for your site and  sending to potential customers, these will be content marketing pieces that the featured customers themselves will want to share. 

9. “Praise Posts”.

These are a twist on the customer success stories videos described above, where you create customized short videos you put out on social media praising your prospect for what you admire about them.  Besides the flattery aspect, this can demonstrate how well you know them already (maybe identifying pain points).  You could even go so far as to put in language like “This isn’t a company we currently work with (though we’d be glad to), but from what we can see, they are changing the way business is being done in their industry”.  

Don’t get too heavy handed with this of course, but don’t hold back either on listing what truly impresses you about them.  And since this is done in a public way, you can’t just blast these out and do them for everyone.  Make it a regular feature on your site or social media channel - Weekly Spotlight for instance.

10. Your own show.

This may seem daunting to even the most savvy and successful content marking experts out there, but ti doesn’t have to be.  One of the most incredibly ways to get in front of a potential client is to have a platform that shines a spotlight on them. 

A way to really stand out from the crowd is to have a video interview show where you bring on experts in your industry, including (and especially) those you want to eventually do business with.  You can do a Skype version of this, but there is a real, important aspect to doing an-person interview.  You can have a mini-studio set up in your offices faster and easier than you can imagine.

And even if you aren’t up for a video show, you can accomplish similar results with an audio podcast as well.    The important aspect here is to have a platform where you can highlight your guest and making sure it’s an end-product that the person can then share with their network as well.  And even if you don’t end up doing business with the folks you have on the show, you can showcase them in a similar way as customer testimonials, associating their company with yours and your show.


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