6 Pop-up Events to Create for Networking, Marketing, and Building Authority

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Whether you’re a consultant looking to build your network, or a brick-and-mortar retail establishment, holding a real-world event in-person with actual humans (crazy!) can set you apart and build some amazing connections.

Often referred to as event marketing, these are “pop-up” events because, by nature, they are done with much less planning and lead time than a traditional business event or sales promotion. “Much less planning” does not mean “no planning”, by any means. These should be well though out and strategic to be effective for you and your business. Each of these ideas could be developed out and created with much more planning and detail when the circumstances require it.

1. Local Retail Business Event
* Restaurants, clothing stores, or even professional services businesses
* Block off area outside your business or rent space where your target customers are already shopping.
* (Link to event marketing post I created before.)

2. Piggy-back Event
* Host a dinner or event at a nearby hotel close to a larger event that is already going on.
* Conference where your target clients already are.
* Get attendee list from conference.

3. Co-working Spaces - Community Event
* Host networking event in your space
* Host on “neutral ground” where your target audience already gathers.

4. Mobile Sales Training
* Rent a high-end shuttle or large bus
* Mobile Sales Conference
* Keynote speaker
* Could have a “party bus” vibe that attracts people.
* Trip around the city
* Destination could be further (Dallas to Austin) where part two of the event happens at a restaurant.

5. Pop-up Book Signing
* Hold it outside or lobby of a busy downtown building
* This could work for a business to sponsor a known or semi-known author
* This could work if you have a book of your own.
* Could get you sales on the day
* Great promotional content for social
* “Twenty City Tour” could all be done this way - with the entire journey documented on social and video

6. Tech-demo Event
* Tech company with products
* Business whose customers are interested in tech
* Business that integrates with technology - let’s them get seen as an authority in the tech space and draws people to it with the shiny objects. Once there, they get to educate them on their product or service.

Let me know if you need help putting on your first pop-up event, or even brainstorming ideas for how your company could take advantage of this marketing approach.

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