10 Videos Every Business Must Create to Survive

As a business owner, everyone is telling you that video is the next big thing - heck, even the big “right now” thing.  And you get it, you have no doubt that it could change how your customers find you in the marketplace and how well you can connect with them because of it.
But what kind of videos?
I’ve put together a short list of 10 types of videos that will have a massive impact on the exposure of your business out in the marketplace.

1)  This is How We Do It

This is often thought of as the “About Us” company video that gives an overview of what you do as a company and what your product or service does and who it serves.  I’ll challenge you, though, to go a couple of steps beyond the typical “this is what we do” approach.
Dig into how you do it.  Give people a peak behind the curtain.  You don’t have to give away all of your industry trade secrets or anything, but peel back the veil a little bit and show your potential customers the people and processes of how your product or service is made or done.  Let them see how hard it is.  Let them see how you approach what you do in ways no competitor can touch.

2)  FAQ Videos

Take the list of frequently asked questions that you probably already have on your site (you should!) and turn these into individual videos.  Have someone at your company answer those questions on camera.  If it works, have whoever is responsible for that part of your company the question is about answer that question.  Or you can hire an actor or voice talent for these.  You can even create a dynamic, text animation video that goes through the question and answers of your customers.
These are great to not only have on your site, but out on YouTube as well.  If you have someone who can optimize these correctly as you release them (and I can, by the way…hint, hint), you can get your videos ranked in YouTube and Google to start driving traffic to your site.

3)  SAQ Videos

These are “should-be asking questions”.  Use these as an opportunity to educate your prospects about aspects of what you do that they should be asking of any supplier of that service.  Focus on the areas that you do really well and where you know your competitors miss the mark.
Create a series of these and optimize them like you’re doing with the FAQ videos to have even more content out there and drive even more traffic to your site.

4)  This is What We’re Learning

Any successful person or business is constantly striving to be better.  Take the time to show your prospects exactly how you’re doing this.  Produce a recap video of your team’s latest sales conference, whether internal or one that you all attended offsite.  Have your sales team make “book review” videos of industry books or personal development books they’ve read.  Have someone at your organization create “review” videos of the latest products in your industry.
These videos are perfect to have all over you social media sites, showing your potential customers and your existing ones what you’re doing as a company to stay relevant and at the forefront of your industry.

5)  This is What We’re Building

Another “peak behind the curtain” style of video.
What do you have in development that is going to grab your customer’s attention and make them want to remain a customer?  If you have a product, it can be updates or next products.  If what you do is service-based, you can let your audience know about new systems that you’re putting in place to make their experience with you better and better.
While these can attract new business, these type of videos are perfect to act as “staying in touch” correspondence that you send out to your existing buyers.

6)  How We Use Technology

Show your viewers how you stay at the cutting edge of the latest tools, technology, and best practices in your industry.  This doesn’t have to only be about what you’ve actually implemented in your company.  These can be videos reviewing what’s out there and your commentary on how you think it will impact the marketplace.  This way you and your business stay associated with the latest and greatest going on in your clients’ worlds.

7)  Client profile videos

I’ve written about this in the past and preach it to whoever will listen.  These cover both testimonial videos and case studies.  Here’s a quick snippet of what I’ve written about them before:
These are absolute gold.  You should certainly have videos of your customers giving testimonials about you and your company.  These should be all over your site but you can also reserve a few for sending exclusively to folks who are somewhere in your sales pipeline.  It’s a great way to follow up with them once you’ve sent them a proposal and you’re waiting on an answer from them.  “Here are a few folks like you who have been thrilled with our service” is way better than “Just checkin’ in”.
If you’re having a hard time getting your customers on camera giving you a testimonial, another great way to still convey that you’ve done great work with a certain customer is through customer success stories.  This is mush more “our customer is awesome” in its approach where you and your team get on camera and talk about what great success your customer is having and how you’ve helped them.  Besides being great for your site and  sending to potential customers, these will be content marketing pieces that the featured customers themselves will want to share.

8)  This is What We Stand For

This is another variation on the “About Us” video.  The “What We Stand For” video is all about why you do what you do.  What is your mission statement?  What is at the core of why you started this company and what keeps you striving to improve every day.
Existing customers and prospects, both love having a better reason to get behind a brand and support them with their business.

9)  How We Solve Your Problem

Every bit of copy on your home page should be dedicated to making this point.  Having a video to support this is even better.  Just like most of your website, you want your video marketing content to answer the question in your visitor’s mind:  “How does this benefit me?”
Create a video that point blank lays out your ideal customer’s problems in the world and exactly how your solutions to those problems will change their lives.

10)  Here are Others in Our Industry Doing Great Things

These videos can be a fantastic way to not only educate potential customers and create interest in your company directly, but they lend themselves to having others in your industry share them with their audiences as well.
For these videos, you want to find strategic partners in your industry, not your competitors.  You can create these with their help by interviewing them and creating an ongoing series out of them, or by simply profiling that company and talking about them on camera.
Go through all of the things that make them great and the positive impact they’re having on your industry.  Then, once you share the videos, tag them all over social and I guarantee they’ll be sharing your videos all over the place.
This is also a great way to get the attention of prospects.  Profile a company you’ve been wanting to work with, praising them for what they do, and it will open up a dialog better than any cold calling approach could hope to do.  A version of this is creating videos highlighting the “Top 10 ______ Companies of the Year” or something similar.
All this can seem daunting to undertake, but you don’t have to do all of these at once.  Dive in with a few of them and start to see how video increases engagement and touch points with your prospects.
Reach out and let me know how I can help you get some of these created and even train your team to create them in-house.

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